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Members of the Breza project team implemented more than 40 projects for large systems in the former Yugoslavia and present-day Serbia and Montenegro.

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determined by the satisfied customers we develop trusting, long-lasting business relationships with. References: HIP Petrohemija, YEPP logistika, DDOR , EDB , HBIS , Rafinerija nafte AD Beograd , Uprava za zajedničke poslove republičkih organa Republike Srbije

Software Development

Our knowledgeable staff creates both straightforward and complex solutions with the intention of raising the standard of the labor and services that companies offer to the public and the economy.


Modern techniques, information system analysis and design are the main topics our courses.


Our consulting services have been confirmed by Societe Generale Bank of Serbia, MAK System France (for the US Red Cross), GOPA Germany (for the Social Welfare Fund Support Project, Yemen) and others…

Have a challenge? We have a solution.

Software products have great value and companies that have developed a solution for internal use open new lines of business and offer their software services or know-how to other firms.

(from “Serbian economy Magazine”)

References Petrohemija
In addition to the software's source code, Breza provided comprehensive project and user documentation and carried out technology transfer by leading two training sessions for SOE "HIP Petrohemija" IT personnel.
References Yepp
Our team of programmers developed the software that we used to automate the warehouse management of the company YEPP logistics, which operates throughout Switzerland.
References DDOR
Our team of programmers develops e-invoice software that integrates your current finances with the new government system.
References EDB
The primary goal of the basic contract was to implement new technology in order to address the "issue of the year 2000" in the operation of software systems for material and financial operations. After that, we signed 4 annexes.
References State Bodies
The system has been in use since 1997. It covers the financial and material operations of about 40 state entities of the Republic of Serbia.
References HBIS
We developed a system that manages personnel and determines salaries for more than 10,000 workers. The Oracle Finance 2000 financial system and the Gate system were fully integrated.
References Oil rafinery
Changes to the financial operations' accounting framework and the use of the new Value Added Tax Act in the Client's environment.
and many others...

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Our team is made of experienced experts and confirmed professionals who creates succussed stories and provide quality and timely answers.

This is our way

The full circle represents our way of working when it comes to creating information systems, but also all other projects we work on.

Breza Software Engineering has created customized solutions for individual users, implemented its products and standard partner solutions according to users’ specific needs. During the development of a project, our team is together with the client actively involved, in planning and evolving the best possible solution, both functionally and aesthetically.

Complex and varied information systems, like those that are frequently found on user infrastructure, frequently call for some kind of interconnection or merging of separate elements. It becomes evident that system integration jobs are a challenging technological process that calls for extensive business expertise and years of experience when you factor in the variety of data, document formats, and protocols.

Review of technologies on our projects:

  • Oracle technology – 100%
  • AngularJS, Spring Boot – 77%
  • DevOps- 85%

Breza ERP – an award-winning solution

Breza ERP was created and put into use in 1993. Since then, it has been improved and adapted to more recent technology. Breza won the 2004 Society of Informatics of Serbia Award in the category “Realized and implemented information system” for this product.


“HIP Petrohemija has long lasting cooperation with Breza Software Engineering. One of the basic goals in development and implementation of new HIP-Petrohemija’s information system was to form a project team from the cybernetics section personnel. The second phase was conducting basic training for ERP package provided by Breza. Afterwards, that team started to independently maintain and develop the IS. Thanks to Breza’s experts, high quality training, and good mutual work, the goal has been accomplished. The section of cybernetics successfully maintains, develops and implements new program systems of HIP-Petrohemija’s IS for last four years. We are looking forward to new cooperation and new projects.”

Zoran Ilić

Director of the section of cybernetics, HIP-Petrohemija PLC, Pancevo

“EDB has a very successful cooperation with Breza on the development of Business Information Systems since 1999. Training of our IT staff contributes the special quality of this cooperation, we are satisfied with for several reasons: it is comprehensive, it contains all phases of IS development, from the methodological approach to IS development, through the presentation of the modern software environment and development tools for implementation, to practical work on concrete examples. We are glad that Breza constantly follows the global development of information technologies and implements it in educational program, so we hope for further successful cooperation.”

Danica Gnjatić

BIS analyst, Electrical Power Distribution Belgrade

“IT directorate has successful cooperation with Breza for many years ago. The cooperation is consisted of development of our own information system. Also, the training of our ITs is significant part of the cooperation. The training has allowed us to maintain and develop our information system, almost by ourselves. Importantly for us, Breza always innovates the plan and program of its training courses, following information technology development, so the cooperation in the field of education can be permanent.”

Ljubiša Pešić

The deputy director of IT directorate – section chief, State Bodies of the Republic of Serbia

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