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Our development team produces e-invoice software that connects your current finances to the new government system. When you create an invoice in our system, it is automatically sent to the state e-invoice system. The program keeps track of incoming bills and sends notifications when their status changes (created, approved, or viewed). Users of our product are HIP and DDOR.

Breza logistics

Stock management aims to keep stocks as small as possible, but also to be sufficient to meet user requirements.
A warehouse management system (WMS) consists of software and processes that enable organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the moment when goods or materials enter the warehouse until they move out. User of our product is Yepp logistics.

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Our services are confirmed by: Societe Generale Bank of Serbia, MAK System of France, GOPA Germany, HBIS Serbia, HIP Petrohemija, DDOR, Post of Serbia, Directorate of Joint Affairs of the Republic Serbia and many others.

Directorate of Joint Affairs of the Republic Serbia

We got this job through a public tender in competition with 15 of the largest IT companies in the country. It was fully implemented according to the adopted dynamic plan. The system has been in operation since March 1, 1997. and covers the financial and material management of about 40 state bodies of the Republic of Serbia. Due to the high fluctuation of IT staff of the Administration, since 2002, Breza has been significantly engaged in the adaptive maintenance of the existing ones, as well as in the development of two new software systems (which were implemented and released).

HBIS Group Serbia – Iron & Steel LLC Belgrade

The contract was signed in 2004. The system includes the management of personnel resources and wages. Salaries are calculated for more than 10,000 employees. We performed complete integration with the Gate system and the Oracle Financial 2000 financial system. The software is multilingual.

Public Electric Power Industry of Serbia – EPS

The basic contract was signed on November 16, 1999. and had the main goal of solving the “problem of the year 2000” in the functioning of software systems of material and financial business by switching to new technology. Subsequently, 4 annexes were signed, the last one concerning adaptive maintenance. All the contracted jobs have been fully realized according to the adopted dynamic plans and the program systems are in full exploitation.

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We continuously expand and improve our knowledge with new technologies and practices. Our vision is to master advanced IT knowledge through continuous improvement and offer the highest quality software and IT training.

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