Breza consulting

We provide IT consulting services for all phases of the software development life cycle.

As part of our outsource service, Breza Software Engineering can offer you:

  • Custom programming (design and programming of information systems adapted to clients’ particular needs)
  • Consulting (support for all phases of software life cycle, GAP analysis, Business Process Analysis)
  • Administration and maintenance of Oracle databases (installation, setup, tunning, clustering, migration to newer versions, support)
  • Designing and making custom reports (Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports)

Our services have been confirmed by Societe Generale Bank of Serbia, MAK System France (for the US Red Cross), GOPA Germany (for the Social Welfare Fund Support Project, Yemen) and others.


• Oracle Development Tools (JDeveloper, NetBeans)
• Oracle DB, Linux, Linux RedHat, Oracle Enterprise Linux
• Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports