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Breza Software Engineering is a software company that has existed in various forms of organization since 1989. Our core activities include the development of software products, the provision of IT consulting services, professional IT training, and the execution of complex projects that encompass all three of these activities.

The knowledge and experience we have gained and generously shared within our team have positioned Breza among the leading software SMEs in the country. Thanks to the expertise of our employees, close and dedicated collaboration with clients, and the use of the latest technologies, we proudly stand behind more than 40 successfully completed projects, hundreds of trained IT professionals from dozens of companies, and a continuous provision of consulting services for all stages of the software lifecycle and database administration.

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In today’s competitive world, originality and uniqueness will make your business stand apart from the crowd and grow. A customized software solution can play a key role in raising your quality to the next level.

A customized software solution can play a key role in raising your quality to the next level. We can help you have an application that is fully adapted to your needs. We are distinguished by a rich experience and extensive work in the development of ERP systems, programs in the field of logistics, electronic bills..


Consulting services,
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The quality of service and the ability to understand many business areas is based on the experience, gained from developing our own products, partnership with Oracle and academic cooperation.

Reliable, standardized and stable solutions

Our software provides accurate, relevant and timely information for decision makers. This enables precise planning, prediction and dedicated use of resources.


Our measure of success

To be and remain a leader, you need to follow trends, adopt and respect the standards of the industry in which you operate and care for your team.

EDB has a very successful cooperation with Breza on the development of Business Information Systems since 1999. Training of our IT staff contributes the special quality of this cooperation, we are satisfied with for several reasons: it is comprehensive, it contains all phases of IS development, from the methodological approach to IS development, through the presentation of the modern software environment and development tools for implementation, to practical work on concrete examples. We are glad that Breza constantly follows the global development of information technologies and implements it in educational program, so we hope for further successful cooperation.

Danica Gnjatić, BIS analyst, Electrical Power Distribution Belgrade