BTC products and services


Breza training center (BTC) is an Oracle Approved Education Provider that operates in accordance with the standards of Oracle University. BTC employs 3 OCP and 1 OCA certified trainers, specialized in Oracle technologies. All lecturers are permanently employed in Breza and constantly improve their knowledge and skills throughout practical work on projects. Breza also hires external collaborators, professors at Belgrade University.

The role of our center is to provide top IT training through appropriate educational programs with tendency to:

  • broden the knowledge of IT professionals
  • help companies to implement new and existing technologies
  • retrain individuals from other professions into IT professionals
  • help individuals acquire practical skills and expert IT qualifications

The products – PROGRAMS we offer:

  • Training of ICT professionals for authorized technologies and applications
  • Training to obtain an IT qualification (retraining)
  • Training to acquire additional specialization
  • Training of IS end users (BrezaERP, BrezaGAS, eBS,…)

SERVICES we offer:

  • Organizing “custom made” training according to the client’s needs and requirements