Data Modeling and Relational Database Design

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“Objektno-orijentisana analiza IS i projektovanje bazepodataka"

Data Modeling and Relational Database Design - code 20000

What you will learn:

This course covers the use of Entity Relationship Modeling in detail, through many real

life examples, practical business problems and solutions. After several iterations, the ER

model captures the data requirements and business rules and forms a sound basis for

the initial design of a relational database. The second part of the course is about the

design process and presents the considerations for creating a normalized, stable, maint

ainable and well defined relational database, such as Oracle9i.


Business Analysts

Database Designers

Database Administrators



Suggested Prerequisites:

Basic understanding of relational database concepts

Course Objectives:

Recognize and use patterns in models

Apply various techniques to optimize the design in an Oracle environment for performance

and maintainability

Transfer ER models into an initial relational database design

Read, improve, create, use and judge Entity Relationship Models

Capture business rules and constraints

Course Topics:

Entity Relationship Modeling

Why create conceptual models?

Distinguishing Data and Information

Tracking Entities in various source materials

Modeling Subtypes and Supertypes

Creating appropriate Names for Entities, Attributes and Relationships

Representing a Model in Diagrams

Identifying Things in the Real World

Establishing Unique Identifiers (UID)

Relational Database Design

Why create a Database Design?

Creating well structured Names for Database Objects

Establishing the Basic Mapping of an ER Model to Table Model

Mapping Entities and Attributes

Various ways of Denormalizing your Table Design

Selecting the appropriate Oracle Data Type

Recognizing Design Fossils like Generic Arcs

Design for a Distributed Environment

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