MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications Ed 1

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MySQL and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications (SQL-4405)


4 days

 In the MySQL[tm] and PHP - Developing Dynamic Web Applications you will learn how to develop applications in PHP


Cerinte obligatoriiÚ

Have some programming experience (preferably PHP)

Have some understanding and experience of Object-Oriented Pr

Some experience with relational databases

Understand fundamental PHP syntax

Understand how HTML files are assembled

Obiectivele cursuluiÚ

Design web-based applications

Design schemas based on MySQL

Use include files to make code easier to maintain

Use PHP 5 and takes advantage of its advanced features

Build applications following a precise flow

Authenticate users in a secure way against a database

Handle errors in your PHP applications efficiently and gracefully

Writes composite queries using JOINs and subqueries

Use indexing efficiently in order to manipulate large amounts of data efficiently

Uses joins to extract data from multiple tables

Uses GROUP BY clauses and aggregate functions

Write applications whose components can be scaled to meet increased demand

Build a complete application that includes authentication and session management

Understand how PHP, MySQL and the Apache web server work together to deliver dynamic web content

Tematica cursuluiÚ


Structure of MySQL AB

MySQL Products and Services

MySQL Partners

Supported Operating Services

MySQL Certification Program

Training Curriculum Paths

MySQL Website

Verify Installation

LAMP Architecture

Install/Verify Apache Installation

Install/Verify MySQL Installation

Install/Verify PHP Installation

Putting it All Together

PHP Foundations

Delimit PHP Code Within HTML

Comment PHP Code

Construct PHP that interacts with end users

Data Types in PHP

Key Control Systems

Use Defined Functions

MySQL Foundations

General Architecture

SQL Parser and Storage Engine Tiers

MySQL Client

MySQL Query Browser

Manage Databases

Database Properties

Database Design Practices

MySQL Identifiers

Create Databases

Alter Databases

Drop Databases

Manage Tables

Table Properties

MySQL Data Types

Create Table

Alter Table

Empty Table

Remove Table


Foreign Keys


SELECT Statements

Aggregating Query Results

SQL Expressions

SQL Expressions

Functions in SQL Expressions

SQL DML Commands

INSERT Statement

DELETE Statement

UPDATE Statement

REPLACE Statement

SQL Joins

What is a Join

Inner Joins

Outer Joins

Using Qualifiers and Aliases

Multiple Table UPDATE and DELETE Statements

MySQL Database Driven Web Based Forms

Connecting to MySQL

Retrieving Data

Inserting Data

Updating Existing Data

Deleting Data

MySQL Metadata

MySQL Error Information

Session Handling

What is Session Handling

Session Handling Tasks

PHP Session Handling with MySQL

Object Oriented Programming

Benefits of OOP

Working with Objects

Exception Handling


HTTP Authentication

PHP Authentication

Securing PHP and MySQL

PHP Configuration Parameters

Data Encryption

Securing the MySQL Server



Course Overview

MySQL System Overview

Training and Certification Website

Course Evaluation

Thank You!

QA Session

and how to use MySQL efficiently for those applications! Through a hands-on approach, this instructor-led course will

help you improve your PHP skills and combine them with time-proven database management techniques to create

best-of-breed web applications that are efficient, solid and secure.

Students who can benefit from this course:

Developers who use PHP and MySQL to build and maintain their websites

Developers who want to learn how PHP and MySQL can be used for the rapid prototyping and deployment of dynamic






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