Breza Software Engineering operates an international Breza Training Centre. As an Oracle Approved Education Provider, training centre has two modern classroms in the centre of Belgrade where offcial Oracle approved courses are being delivered. The classes can be held in Serbian and English language. The lecturers are all Oracle Certified Professionals and Oracle Certified Experts (OCP and OCE) in the area of Oracle Database and JAVA. The lecturers are members of the internal development team that continuously work on further development of BrezaERP Information System.

Oracle course schedule for period October - December 2017.

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About training

Danica Gnjatić, the business information system analyst, Electrical Power Distribution Company Belgrade:

Since 1999, our company has very successful cooperation with Breza. Above mutual work on the development of our business IS, the training of our IT personal adds quality value to this cooperation. We are very satisfied with the training for many reasons: it is comprehensive, contains all phases of IS development, from methodology approaches, through learning of modern software development tools, to practical work on concrete examples. The trainers have both academic and reach practical knowledge. Very good literature follows the training. Such king of training has provided us with the possibility to maintain and upgrade our IS by ourselves. We feel safety with the fact that Breza permanently follows world trends in information technologies and implements them into its education program, so we hope that the cooperation on such fields will be continued.

Zoran Ilić, the director of the section of cybernetics, HIP-Petrohemija AD, Pancevo:

HIP-Petrohemija has long lasting cooperation with Breza SoftwareEngineering. One of the basic goals in development and implementation of new HIP-Petrohemija's information system was to form a project team from the cybernetics section personnel, and then to train them using the basic ERP package and by joint work with Breza. Later, that team would independently maintain and develop the IS. Thanks to Breza's experts, high quality training, and good mutual work, the goal has been accomplished. The section of cybernetics successfully maintains and develops and implements new program systems of HIP-Petrohemija's IS for last four years.

Ljubiša Pešić, the deputy director of IT directorate – section chief, State Bodies of the Republic of Serbia:

IT directorate has successful cooperation with Breza for many years ago. The cooperation is consisted of development of our own information system. Also, the training of our ITs is significant part of the cooperation. The training has allowed us to maintain and develop our information system, almost by ourselves. Importantly for us, Breza always innovates the plan and program of its training courses, following information technology development, so the cooperation in the field of education can be permanent.



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