Republička direkcija za robne rezerve
Dečanska 8a
11000 Beograd

The IS Republic Directorate of Commodity Reserves was developed in the years of 1994 and 1995 in the Unix network environment with the application programs developed in the Oracle 6 system. The database was located in two computers connected by the Unix network.

The following program systems were realized:

  • Financial accountancy
  • Provision
  • Store transactions
  • Sale
  • Capital assets

At the end of 1997 and the beginning of 1998, a server was formed and a transfer was made to the Oracle 7 client/server environment with the WINDOWS clients, and the Financial Operative system was realized.

The Republic Directorate of Commodity Reserves are entitled to using the executive versions of the software only. All adaptation maintenance operations and further development of the information system are realized by Breza according to annual contracts signed for each calendar year.





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