HIP Petrohemija

HIP-Petrohemija Srbija i Crna Gora
Spoljnostarčevačka 82
26000 Pančevo

This work was won by an invitation tender against a keen competition of eight information companies. All contracted transactions were fully realized according to the adopted plans in the period of 1998 to 2000. The program systems are in full exploitation.

The integrated system for the material-financial operations consists of the following program systems:

  • Financial accountancy
  • Financial operative
  • Earnings
  • Personnel
  • Provision
  • Storage transactions
  • Sale
  • Capital assets
  • Movable inventory

The system is realized by means of the ERWin CASE tools and it is documented by the project and user documentation according to the SSA methods (Structural System Analysis) and EERM (Extended Entity-Relationship Model).

The system is implemented in the Oracle relational environment in the client/server architecture. The clients are personal computers operating in the Windows operating system, the application software being realized by means of the Oracle Developer 2000 R 2.1 set of developing tools.

The system is used by more than 100 clients on two physical locations (the finance building in the town and the manufacturing plant).

DP "HIP Petrohemija" is entitled to using the source software code. In addition to the source software code, Breza delivered the complete project and user documentation and carried out the transfer of technology by holding two cycles of training for two groups of computer experts from DP "HIP Petrohemija". One cycle lasted about 50 working days and included the methodological approaches to the IS development, the development of applications in the relational client/server environment, the overview and use of the CASE tools, and the workshop. The adaptation maintenance and further development of the IS are being done now by the computer experts of DP "HIP Petrohemija".





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