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The contract was signed in the year of 2003. The subject of the contract with the Faculty of Organization Sciences (FOS) is engaging Breza's project team for implementation and adaptive maintenance of a part of information system, then for implementation and adaptive maintenance of information subsystems "Services for Students" and "Material-Finance Management". The production and implementation of the information system part was realized by adaptation of Breza ERP. Development of the information subsystem "Services for Students" is in progress and is going to be realized though standard methodology steps. FOS associates actively take part on all activities related to this part of the project.

The environment in which the IS is being realized is n-tier Oracle Java XML client/server environment. The logic of the application is being implemented using Oracle ADF framework. The specification of the user interface is being described using XML. Based on such descriptions and using our own generator functions, different presentation layers is being created. The database severe was realized on Oracle 9i DBMS. The Clients are personal computers under Windows operating system, having JVM Web Browsers having support for Java.





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