Breza ERP has been developed and applied in the year of 1993. Since that, the product has been constantly improved and transferred into newer technology environments. During 2002. Breza ERP has been transformed into n-tier Oracle Java XML environment. For this product, Breza won the award of Informatics Society of Serbia for the year of 2004 in "Realized and implemented information system" cathegory.

The integrated bussiness system Breza ERP is consisted of following modules:

  • Nomenclatures, classifications and standards
  • Purchasing
  • Storage Management
  • Sale
  • Financial Operative
  • Payrolls
  • Capital Assets
  • Inventory
  • Financial accountancy
  • Analitic Accountancy
  • Human Resorces

The essential characteristics of the program system are:

  • The system is completely integrated.
  • The information system is open. One of the basic concepts is the concept of document that the user operates with. The appearance of any new documents does not interfere with the change of the database structure.
  • In addition to the database, the system contains the knowledge base of accounting transactions, used for automatic formation of booking orders or for automatic booking. The information is entered into the system only once.

The system is realized by means of transformational object oriented method of IS development. Thus, the Structural System Analysis is used for the system analysis, and both UML diagrams and Extended Entity-Relationships Model are used for the specification of the system. The database structure is designed and realized using ERWin CASE tools and our own procedure generator for database integrity protection. The database server in the latest major release of Breza ERP is realized using Oracle Database 12c.

The application logic is implemented using Oracle BC4J framework, timely migrated to 12c ADF framework. The specification of the user interface was described by means of XML (Extensible Markup Language). On the basis of such description for the given application, and by making use of our own generator functions, various presentation tiers were created (the Web applications like applets or JSP pages as well as the Java Swing applications).

The clients are the personal computers, only required to have JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and/or Web Browser having Java support.

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