About us

Breza Software Engineering is independent software vendor, existing in different kinds of organisation since 1989. It resulted from the idea of Mr Zoran Marjanovic, Ph.D. (started as an Assistant of Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, and now the Professor and Vice dean of the same faculty), of applying the university researches in practice and using the achieved results for the verification of some research theses and improving the quality of teaching.

Today, Breza is one of the leading local software companies. The company's main strategy is to apply the most modern methodology approaches, models, techniques and CASE tools to software development in modern software environments.

Due to market demands, Breza has specialized in designing and developing business information systems. The main product of this software company is the integrated business information system called Breza ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the Oracle developing environment.

On local market, Breza can also be recognised by high quality training. A few hundreds of IT professionals from dozens of companies have completed Breza's training for information system development in modern software environments. The training is consisted of series of courses, covering all IS development phases.

Object oriented and conventional models and methodology approaches to development of IS; object, relational and object-relational databases and query languages; modern software architectures; CASE tools; n-tier Oracle Java XML developing environment. The training also includes Breza's software development standards and the workshop.




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